Đèn Huỳnh Quang Chống Nổ Bóng HQ T5 / 2 x 21W


1.Die-cased shell of ZL102 Aluminium alloy with high-pressure eletrostatic plastic-sprayed surface.

2.Compact structure and aethetic appearance

3. Suspension type thumb nut is used for fastening so that it can be quickly opened up and is convenient for maintanance.

4.Conduit wiring.

5.Suitable for GB3836-2000,IEC60079 stantard request.

*Main technical parameters:

Ex-mark: Exd II BT3

Protection grade IP54

Cable's outer diameter 10-14mm

inlet's thread 3/4G"

Lamp socket E40

code Mass      15kg

Supplied with light source

Lamp type Self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp Incandescent lamp Hi-pressure mercury lamp Hi-pressure sodium Metal halide lamp

Rated voltage(V) 220

Rated power(W) 450 300 400 400 400