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Máy lạnh chống cháy nổ USA loại 1 cục

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Máy lạnh chống cháy nổ nhập khẩu từ Mỹ

USA Explosion Proof Air Conditioner, Window type

Standard Features

  • All Electrical Components UL and/or CSA Certified
  • Explosion Proof Built-In Operational Controls
  • Controls can be Accessed for Fast and Easy Maintenance
  • Non Sparking Blower and Condenser Designs
  • N.E.C. Approved Overload Protection
  • Aluminum Fin and Copper Tube Coils for Maximum Heat Transfer
  • Main Power Connection Port
  • N.E.C. "Certificate of Conformance" Issued
  • Operation, Maintenance & Installation Manuals Included

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