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Camera Chống cháy nổ

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Camera Chống cháy nổ

Explosion Proof Camera Housing / Enclosure

nput voltage 220VAC/24VAC/12VDC, 50/60Hz
Voltage scope ±10%
Electric connection 2-core for power
4-core for lens control
Coaxial cable for video signal output
Air pressure 86~106KPa
Temperature -45℃~+60℃
Humidity ≤95%RH (+25℃)
Screw type G-3/4”
Inside be with fixed lens or zoom lens camera
Cable outlets for connection of ex-proof tube or armored cable
 Steel glass for window
Protection grade IP68
 Indoor or outdoor for all weather use
They could be with fixed or zoom lens camera or integrated camera
Special steel glass to ensure a better picture
Easy installation and maintenance, mounting with pan/tilts,
Half-pan/tilts, fixed brackets, base, pole and lattice tower etc.

The models specification is as below:

Type: Ex-proof enclosure with infrared lamp
Ex Mark: ExdⅡCT6
Protection Grade:IP68
Material:304, 45, 316L
Outside size:440(L) x 335(W) x 180(H)mm
Cable outlets: 1
View distance: 80 – 100m
Ambient Temperature -45℃~+60℃
Humidity ≤95%RH (+25℃)
Screw type : G-3/4”

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